The brand new Viking Roses was successfully introduced at the IFTF fair in the Netherlands last week.


Important contacts were made at the fair, and growers from both South America and Africa were very interested in the cut roses with the special colors and spectacular flower shapes.


The beautiful nostalgic Bourbon roses with delicate fragrance also attracted a lot of international retailers that was eager to buy the roses. With the excellent vase life they predict a great success for the roses in the market.


Dutch – Danish cooperation


Viking Roses is a collaboration between Rosa and Harley Eskelund from Denmark and John Pouw from The Netherlands.


Viking Roses has been developed by Rosa Eskelund, who also creates Roses Forever® and Infinity® mini roses and the Plant’n’Relax® garden roses. They are well-known all over the world for their healthiness, bright colors and longevity.


John Pouw has many years of experience with selecting and introducing cut roses for different markets.

Today, the first of the Viking Roses are grown and tested in The Netherlands, Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia and Ecuador. Before entering the greenhouse trials, the Viking Roses first undergo outdoor testing for disease resistance and open air production.


Since 2004 Rosa Eskelund has been breeding cut roses in order to develop beautiful perfumed and unique cut roses, and the range is now marketed under the name Viking Roses.


For further information please contact Rosa Eskelund on tel: +45 51 57 19 90 or email:

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