Public Relations

Roses Forever has a good relationship to the international press, and below you will find some examples of the latest news. Rosa Eskelund will be happy to make interviews or give her advice on roses at any time. Please also check our lastes Press releases for more information about the roses.

Persuasive Petals FloraCulture October 2016

FloraCulture frontpage October 2016

Rose growing in the Garden of Denmark_FloraCulture March 2016

FloraCulture frontpage March 2016

Everything’s coming up roses for Rosa Eskelund_FloraCulture Jan 2016

FloraCulture frontpage jan 2016

HortiBiz column November 2015 – Secret Places

HortiBiz column July 2015 – Hope

HortiBiz column May 2015 – Balance in life

HortiBiz april 2015 – New lines of garden roses with unique features

HortiBiz column April 2015 – Commitment

Rosa Eskelund has a passion for roses – FloraCulture International

Sometimes it’s good to be a little crazy – HortiBiz cover story

HortiBiz frontcover

KAS Magazine frontcover IPM 2013

KAS Magazine article IPM 2013

The Vikings are coming – Gartnertidende

Viking Roses – Taspo

Sweet Home Roses – HortiBiz

New rose varieties on display at IPM 2015 –

IPM 2014 – Taspo

Viking Roses – Plantflor

Plantarium 2013 – Taspo

Cainz Home Japan – catalogue 2014

Flowers say more than a thousand words – HortiBiz column

Secret places – HortiBiz column

New Year, New ideas – HortiBiz column

When the teacher is ready, the student is ready – HortiBiz Column

Competition or cooperation – HortiBiz Column

Do what you love to do – HortiBiz Column

The blue ocean – HortiBiz Column

The importance of communication – HortiBiz Column

Holiday without roses can be awarding – HortiBiz Column