Now seven beautiful varieties with the same qualities

Infinity roses have larger flowers, last longer and are incredibly beautiful both indoor and outdoor. It is therefore no wonder that in a few years they have become the preferred pot roses of florists. That the series now contains seven varieties makes it even more in demand.

Scandinavian pastel-colored beauties

When the white Infinity and its delicate light pink colored sister came to the market about 6 years ago, they were well received by the customers and quickly became a safe sales success.

There were just missing a few more colors; sharp and eye-catching colors.

That challenge was addressed and intensified and selected precisely for the purpose of creating Infinity rose in warm temperamental colors.

Yellow and red are popular

Yellow is popular – not only for Easter but also for every day and celebrations all year round. It is a happy color that lights up on a cloudy day. The yellow Jinfinity has the same qualities as the rest of the series; very large durable flowers that last a long time.

The same goes for the Bordeaux red Infinity which was shown for the first time a year ago here at the IPM fair in Germany.

Worldwide success

Infinity roses are produced under license in several places around the world. In Denmark where it is born and in Norway, Holland, China, Japan, etc.


For license to grow or to buy please contact 

Rose breeder Rosa Eskelund 

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Complete line of Infinity roses, all large-flowered and long lasting

“King of Infinity” is beautiful indoors. Can be planted outside in the garden pots and beds after use.

There is no doubt that ‘Jinfinity’ lights up on the terrace table.

There is no doubt that ‘Jinfinity’ lights up on the terrace table.