The Danish Rose breeder Rosa Eskelund extended her collection of rewards for excellent breeding with yet another Gold Medal. This time the ’King of Infinity®’ from the Infinity series received the prize for ’Novelty of the Year’ at the ’FlowersExpo 2018’ in Moscow.


Year 2018 has so far been a fantastic year for the Danish and internationally acknowledged rose breeder Rosa Eskelund. In July she was honoured by the World Federation of Rose Societies with ’The Golden Rose Award’ for her excellent breeding and now has the ’King of Infinity®’ from the Infinity series won the Gold Medal as ’Novelty of the Year at FlowersExpo in Moscow – the biggest international exhibition of Floriculture and Green Industry in Russia.


In Moscow the ’King of Infinity®’ was presented by the Dutch grower BM Roses who grows and sells the pot roses from Rosa Eskelund on a license. In Holland and on the Russian market the Infinity Roses are presented under the name Artistique Roses. In Denmark and in most countries around the world the wonderful pot roses from Rosa Eskelund are known as Infinity Roses.


6 different Infinity Roses

6 years ago, the Infinity rose was presented for the very first time. It was the original white Infinity rose, and since then five more colours have been added to the series with the red ’King of Infinity®’ as the newest. The Infinity Roses are popular all over the world setting a new standard for pot roses with the very big and filled flowers with extraordinary long-life and more than 100 petals. All Infinity Roses are excellent for planting in the garden or in pots and they also thrive excellently indoors.


Rosa Eskelund feels very honoured that her ’King of Infinity®’ now has received with the Gold Medal in Russia, which is a flower-loving country and one of the fastest growing markets for flowers and plants.

– It is wonderful to see your ’children’ do well in the real world. The Infinity Roses have become extremely popular everywhere and our six varieties are now produced on license in countries like Norway, the Netherlands, China, Malaysia, Canada and Japan, says rose breeder Rosa Eskelund.

The Gold Medal for ’King of Infinity®’ as Novelty of the Year at the FlowersExpo 2018 in Moscow is a great, but well-deserved recognition of Rosa Eskelund’s excellent breeding of the Infinity Roses that now count White Infinity®, Princess of Infinity® (Light pink), Pink Infinity®, Jinfinity® (Yellow), Infinity® Evergreen (Green/pink) and the red ’King of Infinity®.


Rosa Eskelund and Roses Forever will be at the IFTF in in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands from November 7th-9th 2018. Meet this extraordinary rose breeder at Stand B2.42

The official diploma and the Gold Medal

King of Infinity® – Novelty of the Year at ’FlowersExpo 2018’ in Moscow

King of Infinity®