The mother of “Matador” got her rose and the name was revealed on May 7 2016 in the heart of “Korsbæk”.

Lise Nørgaard is a Danish journalist and writer known for her precise and often humorous portrayals of Danish cultural life. From 1978 to 1982 Lise Nørgaard created and co-wrote the television series Matador. The series, which focused on typical Danish characters living in the fictional town of Korsbæk between 1929 and 1947 became the most successful TV program in Danish history.

“I love Champagne”, said Lise Nørgaard and continued, “Shall I pour it over the rose, and can it withstand it? Perhaps we should rather drink it?”

– But then the rose got Champagne and the name was the “Lise Nørgaard rose”.

“I was very pleased and honored to stand here with Lise. She’s a wonderful woman who has created several great things and series. Matador is just one of the great things Lise has created”, said a happy Rosa Eskelund.

Everything starts with a thought, Lise Nørgaard once said, and it stands on a fine marble tablet in Korsbæk. “This is just one of the thoughts that come true for me, to have the honor to develop a rose to Lise Nørgaard”, continues Rosa.

Lise Nørgaard was proud and happy to know that the new rose will be planted in many gardens across the country and bring joy for years to come.

The Lise Nørgaard rose has been ten years in the making, and will be sold this fall in garden centers across the country, but in limited quantities.

A bed with beautiful Lise Nørgaard roses will be made in Korsbæk to all visitors to enjoy.

Lise Nørgaard baptizing the new rose Lise Nørgaard and Rosa Eskelund Lise Nørgaard in Korsbæk