The Inner Wheel Forever™ rose sold out until autumn 2016

The Inner Wheel Forever rose, baptized on May 7 2015 at the International Inner Wheel Convention in Copenhagen, Denmark, and attended by 2,500 women from more than 103 nations in the world, is now sold out for this season.

The sales of the Inner Wheel Forever rose has been a huge success, supporting the important work of the Inner Wheel organization worldwide for children.

The rose surprises positively, not only in terms of sales. “I have it even in my own garden, and now in the middle of January, after a very humid and rainy period, it still keeps all the leaves on. Health is one of the main characteristics of the rose, and I am so glad this rose was chosen to be the Inner Wheel Forever rose”, says Rosa Eskelund from Roses Forever ApS in Denmark, who is the breeder of the rose.

Inner Wheel Denmark had in the autumn of 2014 five new roses to choose from. The choice fell on this beauty, and it has already proven to be a good choice.

With large filled pink flowers and a fresh bright green foliage, the rose came to the Danish Inner Wheel women’s liking. It has a Scandinavian “look” and it is easy to sell, with this modern look. Unfortunately, only Danish nurseries took the chance of propagating the rose in large quantities. They were then distributed mostly in Denmark, but also smaller amounts went to France and England.

Rosa Eskelund hope that this season’s sales will increase the interest of producers to launch the Inner Wheel Forever rose. “Too bad that there was no more roses to sell, as it proved to be so popular. But nice positive note, however, to have the rose sold out,” concludes Rosa Eskelund.


• The Inner Wheel Forever ™ rose is developed and selected by rose breeding company Roses Forever ApS in Denmark
• Production time for the rose (bare rooted) is 1.5 years
• Inner Wheel is an international women’s organization with more than 100,000 members in more than 103 nations
• The Inner Wheel Forever rose supports children through the Inner Wheel organization with a part of the license
• It takes 10 years developing a new garden rose
• It is an on-going development and testing which means that there are always new healthy roses in high quality to choose from for special occasions and people
For more information about Roses Forever ApS and license to grow the beautiful garden roses contact Rose breeder Rosa Eskelund on or +45 5157 1990

Test field_Inner Wheel Forever HRH Princess Benedikte baptizing the Inner Wheel Forever rose Inner Wheel Forever