Unique collaboration creates success

In early spring 2016, the Norwegian consumers will be able to create a wonderful summer atmosphere with their pots on terraces from north to south. A major Norwegian garden center chain booked all the Sweet Home Roses® available on the market.

The Sweet Home Roses was first shown at the IPM fair in Germany two years ago.

Already then, the Norwegian garden center chain booked the beautiful shaped Sweet Home Roses. Roses that are uniformed plants, with large well-shaped flowers in bright colors.

The Sweet Home Roses will be potted and forced for flowering in Norway at a local nursery who was looking for new products.

“To get the Sweet Home Roses sold even before the plants are grown is a great benefit and safety for the nursery,” says Rosa Eskelund who met with both the garden center and nursery at the fair two years ago.

In this way, it is also possible to plan the colors and sales weeks. Planning is the key word for success.

The introduction of the Sweet Home Roses in Norway will be supported by ads in consumer magazines for rose lovers.

For growers:

Sweet Home Roses™ recommended container size 3-5 liter.
For further information and license agreement, please contact Roses Forever ApS


Roses Forever is a Danish rose breeding company owned by the Eskelund family representing the well-known quality brands Roses Forever® and Infinity® mini roses, Plant’n’Relax® garden roses and Viking® cut roses.

For further information please contact Rosa Eskelund on tel: +45 51 57 19 90 or email: re@rosa.dk

Strong colors and well-shaped flowers with long life characterize the Sweet Home Roses® series. This gives great value for both retailer and consumer Field with Sweet Home Roses® in Denmark. All are already sold to Norway for delivery Spring 2016 Bare rooted Sweet Home Roses® ready for potting and forcing in greenhouse Sweet Home Roses