A new Danish garden rose took Germany by storm when rose experts from around the world gathered in Baden-Baden to vote for the best looking, healthiest and most beautiful rose.

The name of the gold-winning rose is “Plant’n’relax® I am grateful™” – and grateful is just what Rosa and Harley Eskelund from Roses Forever is today, the day after the award ceremony, which took place in the beautiful rose garden “Rosenneuheitengarten Beutig” in Baden-Baden.

Every year an international competition for new garden roses is held in the garden, where rose breeders from all over the world can submit their new varieties from the breeding. A carefully selected jury of rose specialists from around the world judge the new roses four times a year over two years, giving points of rose growth, flowering, health and fragrance.

Winning a gold medal in this garden are very important for a successful market introduction, and Rosa Eskelund from the family-owned Danish rose breeding company, Roses Forever, could proudly step onto the podium and receive the medal. “We have been looking very much forward to today and are very happy – and grateful! It means a lot to us that this very healthy and strong rose wins a gold medal.”

Facts on Plant’n’relax® I am grateful™

  • I am grateful™ has big beautiful flowers in large bunches. Each flower has an extra-long life, even in rainy weather. It is a floribunda rose that is healthy with ongoing flowering
  • The rose is developed in Denmark by Rosa Eskelund, the world’s only female rose breeder
  • Rosa has developed new varieties of garden roses since 2004. It takes about 8-10 years to develop a new garden rose
  • Plant’n’relax® garden roses is produced on license agreements all over the world.


For further information and license agreement contact Rosa Eskelund tel .: +45 51 57 19 90 or email: re@rosa.dk

I am grateful_Gold in Baden-Baden  Rosa Eskelund - I am grateful Plant'n'relax I am grateful