Sunday 28 June in De Rozenhof, Markt 2 in Lottum, Holland

A new Danish garden rose will be baptized in the Rose Village Lottum at the end of the “Week of the potted rose”. The rose is part of the new garden rose series Plant’n’relax® developed by the leading Danish rose breeder Rosa Eskelund from Roses Forever ApS in Denmark.

The baptism is open to the public, and rose lovers from near and far will attend the show and enjoy the quality, health and beauty of the rose.

Rose Village Lottum

  • The week of the potted rose runs from Sunday 21 to Sunday 28 June
  • Sunday 28 June at 14.30 – 15.00:
    Baptism of the new Danish garden rose by Rosa and Harley Eskelund of Roses Forever, Provincial Executive Council Member Ger Koopmans and Rose Queen Suzanne Verhaegh-Seuren from Lottum.


  • The new rose is part of the new series of garden roses developed by Danish rose breeder Rosa Eskelund from Roses Forever ApS in Denmark
  • The series has been extensively tested since 2004 in both the Netherlands and Denmark
  • The roses are all very healthy and beautiful – and easy to care
  • The new rose is a soft yellow climbing rose with beautiful large filled flowers and a light scent
  • The rose will be available in garden centers in Holland and Scandinavia from Spring 2016
  • With her passion for roses, Rosa has created many great successes, both Roses Forever® and Infinity® mini roses, Plant’n’Relax® garden roses and Viking® cut roses.
  • Learn more about the roses on

Rosas advice on garden roses

  • You can plant both bare-rooted and potted garden roses in your garden.
  • The bare-rooted roses should be planted in November-March.
  • Potted garden roses can be planted in both the spring, summer and fall.
  • Roses like sunshine, space around them and good soil.
  • The roses need fertilizer 4 times in the growing season.
  • Cut the roses in the beginning of April when the frost is over.
  • The pruning will keep the roses beautiful and healthy for many years.


For further information and license to grow please contact Rosa Eskelund on tel: +45 51 57 19 90 or email:

New garden rose to be baptized in Lottum Test field Plant'n'relax