Do-it-yourself roses


Fresh gardening-products, especially when home-grown is a big hit. The trend is towards growing yourself and harvest your own vegetables and flowers, so why not long-stemmed roses for the most beautiful bouquets?


Plant'n'cut label

Plant’n’cut label

You can now enjoy growing homemade roses for bouquets.

Roses with double flowers, as on an old painting, is the best description of the new romantic cut roses that are now finally ready to flower shops across Europe – but as something new, you can now buy the plant itself and even grow the roses for the loveliest bouquets.

The rose plant is purchased bare rooted and includes care instructions.

“It’s quite easy,” says Rosa Eskelund who got the idea for the new product, as she herself planted some of the new cut roses in her own hobby greenhouse last winter.

“During the spring and summer the most beautiful long-stemmed roses grew, and it continued all the way until Christmas. They are beautiful and long lasting, they’re completely fresh when you cut them and bring them in a beautiful bouquet on a visit.”

Rosa recommends planting in hobby greenhouse for longer season, and protection from the weather. However, they can also be planted in pots and beds in the garden.

It is not necessary to heat the greenhouse. The roses can be planted from November until April 1st since they are bare rooted and can resist the cold.

When the sun shines early spring, they will begin to grow.

Remember to water, and the more roses you cut, the more will grow up.

They are winter hardy and you can enjoy cutting long-stemmed roses for years to come.


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So far there are two varieties in the series, that Rosa has tested both in hobby greenhouse as well as in pots and beds.

The series is called Plant’n’cut™ and the two varieties that are ready:

‘Tender’ – Pink flowers with shades of green

‘With Heart and Soul’ – Pink with apricot center

Complete instructions included

For more information, please contact

Rosa Eskelund

Roses Forever ApS

Plant'n'cut label

Plant’n’cut label

Plant'n'cut care instructions

Plant’n’cut care instructions

Barerooted Plant'n'cut

Barerooted Plant’n’cut

With Heart and Soul outdoor

With Heart and Soul outdoor

Tender in vase

Tender in vase

With Heart and Soul indoor

With Heart and Soul indoor

Tender - from pink to green

Tender – from pink to green