“Man, it takes sooooooo long,” sighs Viking Roses’ John Pouw, known as a very patient person and active in roses since spending his school holidays with his ‘great’ uncle Anton Pouw when he ripped out his supreme white carnations to plant a new salmon pink rose that he selected with Meilland in France: Sonia®. 


John’s quest for the perfect rose ended 5 years ago, when he ran into his old Danish friends Rosa and Harley Eskelund of Roses Forever. Sensing their genetic uniqueness, John soon had Rosa’s selections planted at the professional cut rose grower Van der Hulst in Holland. Sjaak Van der Hulst, the owner, always had a keen eye for varieties and under the supervision of his son Mark and care of Mark’s wife Dorothea the first enthusiasm was raised. Unusual forms (not fit for the Dutch auction clocks), filled flowers, very healthy and extreme vaselife. Tests in other countries were set up, florists that saw the first flowers went crazy. Then, patience. Patience with nature, waiting for the next flower cycle. Patience with growers, not wanting to take too much risk with a ‘new’ breeder and new types of roses.


Patience, now finally rewarded. The first flowers from MoloRiver Roses (Kenya) and Alexandra Farms (Colombia) are sold. Buyers and florists impatient, 300 likes from Danish florists on their Facebook page in one day, wanting more of these ”longlife garden roses” or “wedding roses for every day of the week,” as they reacted.


The Queen of the flowers has a new name: Rosa Loves Me®. What is more, a new rose Queen is born. Her name? Rosa!


Meet Queen Rosa and her romantic Rosa Loves Me® queens at IPM Stand 5A24 January 24-27.


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John Pouw

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Rosa Eskelund 

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Testing of Rosa Loves Me in the Netherlands

Testing of Rosa Loves Me in the Netherlands

Rosa Loves Me With Heart and Soul

Rosa Loves Me With Heart and Soul

Enthusiastic florists

Enthusiastic florists