Meet Rosa Loves Me® at the IPM fair in Essen, Germany, 26-29 January 2016

Beautiful roses reminiscent of the old fragrant roses of grandma’s garden or the roses painted in old paintings – the roses that we probably all dream of.

Finally, a Danish breeder has succeeded in combining this beauty with durability.

After many years of developing mini roses, rose breeder Rosa Eskelund took an alternative path in her rose breeding. “I loved the beautiful roses in the garden and set myself the challenge to give them the durability of my Infinity® mini roses, to unite romance, nostalgia and fragrance into cut roses”.

Now 10 years later, this goal has been reached and the first in the series Rosa Loves Me® is launched, exclusively for selected producers and purchasers in the quality segment.

The varieties have not only been selected for their beauty and fragrance, but also because their healthiness contributes to the sustainability of their production in for instance Colombia and Kenya to delivery in such far away stores as in Scandinavia.

Europe and Japan import many cut roses, usually the classic red and pink varieties. But now, it is also possible to decorate the home with nostalgic roses, not only with exceptional vase-life, but also gorgeous in flower form and opening.

Meet the scented and nostalgic Rosa Loves Me® roses at IPM stand 5.24 together with the well-known Roses Forever breeding company.


  • The new roses from the Rosa Loves Me® series are developed by Viking Roses ApS in Denmark
  • It has taken 10 years from setting the challenge to its realization.
  • Rosa Loves Me® undergo an important outdoor testing for resistance.
  • Breeding is an on-going process and new Rosa Loves Me® roses will be added to the line every year.
  • There are four beauties in the series so far:

Rosa Loves Me® Just a Little Bit More™

Rosa Loves Me® Two Times™

Rosa Loves Me® Sweet™

Rosa Loves Me® Tender™


For more information, please contact:

Viking Roses®
John Pouw
M: +31 6 41686880

Rosa Loves Me® - nostalgic flower shapes, beautiful colors and exceptional long vase life Rosa Loves Me® - important outdoor testing for resistance