A new generation of unique cut roses with extra-long vase life and spectacular nostalgic flower shapes have conquered the market.

The new Viking cut roses with excellent vase life – many shaped like the beautiful nostalgic Bourbon roses and with delicate fragrance – is well on its way in the market.

Already, retailers from Norway, Germany and Japan wants these Viking Roses in their stores. “One of the important parameters is the extra-long vase life of the flowers,” says Rosa Eskelund. “The Viking cut roses keeps the petals for a very long time, even though they have very filled flowers with a lot of petals. This is an important goal in my breeding.”

Cut roses with special colors and flower shapes are also experiencing a high demand in the market, and this is also one of the main characteristics of the Viking Roses.

All the roses are developed in Denmark in the breeding greenhouses of Rosa Eskelund, where the first selection takes place. They undergo an important outdoor testing for resistance and open-air production, before they end up in the final test in a Dutch cut rose nursery. At the nursery in Holland, the final selection for the market happens in close cooperation with growers and retailers.


Since 2004, Rosa Eskelund has been breeding cut roses in order to develop beautiful perfumed and unique cut roses, and the range is now marketed under the name Viking Roses®.

For further information or license to grow please contact Rosa Eskelund on tel: +45 51 57 19 90 or email: re@rosa.dk



Very filled flowers with extraordinary long vase life  Beautiful nostalgic flowers shapes and colors characterize the Viking Roses®