New organic garden roses in promotional tube – perfect for mail order companies. Easy to carry and easy to grow for the modern consumer.


Plant’n’Relax® Bio tube


Plant’n’Relax® Bio Tube is a new concept of organic garden roses in an exclusive promotional tube – perfectly suited for exclusive garden centers and florists – and especially mail order companies.
The Plant’n’Relax® Bio Tube organic garden roses focuses on the modern consumers with the beautiful and exclusive packaging and the organic growing concerns.
The easy to handle concept makes the garden roses easy to carry at home from the store, and the healthy Plant’n’Relax® garden roses are perfect for the modern consumer that simply just want to plant and relax!
Planting instructions and organic fertilizer are included in the box.


For retailers:

The Plant’n’Relax® Bio Tube garden roses concept makes the transportation very easy to handle, and is especially suitable for mail order companies, exclusive garden centers and florists.



The Plant’n’Relax® Bio Tube series consists of six different organically grown garden roses developed by the Danish rose breeder Rosa Eskelund. More varieties will be added to the series later on.


Our last summer™

A light pink climbing rose 150-200 cm high with large filled flowers and strong scent. Winner of many international prizes for its beautiful flowering and lovely perfume.

From far away™

Floribunda rose 60-80 cm high with a delicate apricot color with pink shades and large filled flowers.

Lady in red™

A red mini ground cover rose 40-60 cm high with medium filled flowers. Also very suitable as a hanging rose or around a stem.

Looking in your eyes™

Floribunda rose 40-60 cm high with a strong orange color changing to apricot.
Very beautiful both in the summer and winter with the decorative rose hips.

I am grateful™

A dark pink floribunda rose 40-60 cm high with large bunches of beautiful flowers.

I need you™

Ground cover rose 40-60 cm high with a light pink medium open flower.
The Plant’n’Relax® Bio Tube series is attending the Press Prize competition at the Plantarium fair in Holland 27-30 August, and Roses Forever will show the new concept at their stand 36.


For further information please contact Rosa Eskelund on tel: +45 51 57 19 90 or email:

Plant'n'Relax® Bio Tube