The new series of mini roses has been awarded with no less than 4 prestigious awards in Japan.

The successful Infinity roses are developed by the Danish rose breeder Rosa Eskelund and on the recently held “Flower and Garden Show” in Japan the roses won the popular awards given by the “Japan Flower Selection” which consists of a professional jury in the horticultural industry in Japan.

The original white Infinity was awarded the prize for “Best Flower” and a special award for “Most Joy”. The light pink Princess of Infinity also got an award for “Best Flower” and a special award for “Best Breeding”.

There were a total of 5 winners for “Best Flower”, and the Infinity roses won 2 of them. They are now among the 5 nominees to win the award for “Flower of the Year” in Japan, which will be held at a large ceremony at the end of the year.

“I am very proud and happy and deeply grateful that the Infinity roses have won such great prizes in Japan”, says Rosa Eskelund, the Danish rose breeder at Roses Forever ApS, who developed the Infinity roses.

Roses are very popular in Japan, and Rosa Eskelund already has license agreements with the biggest Japanese nurseries. The Infinity roses are produced locally by among others Toyota Floritech and Central Rose in Japan, which minimizes the transportation and environmental costs. “I am proud of the Japanese cooperation and their determination to cultivate a great quality of Infinity roses, to ensure the genetical benefits of the roses”.

Rosa Eskelund is continuously working on developing new varieties of the mini roses, and in the pipeline are both a yellow and a red Infinity. A dark pink variety is ready to be marketed in Europe later this year.

Roses Forever ApS:

Roses Forever is a Danish rose breeding company founded in 1996, owned by the Eskelund family. The company offers license to grow mini roses, garden roses and cut roses world wide. The focus of the breeding program, besides production suitability, is on the novelty value, color, scent, size of the flower, appearance and usability for different pot sizes. Equally important parameters in the selection process are longevity and resistance.


  • Extravagant and very durable roses
  • Very long durability of each flower (+5 weeks)
  • Big well shaped flowers with a diameter of 7 cm
  • Winner of the Floradania Innovation Award “Best Indoor Plant” 2012 at the IPM fair in Essen, Germany
  • Princess of Infinity is baptized by HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

For further information please contact Roses Forever ApS, Rosa Eskelund on tel: +45 51 57 19 90 or email:

Japan Flower Selection  Infinity Rose - winner of Best Flower and Most Joy  Princess of Infinity - winner of Best Flower and Best Breeding