Viking Roses®

True Vikings: enduring, vigorous, healthy and CHARMING

• Special colors
• Novelty flower forms
• Beautiful Bourbon-shaped flowers
• Stunning flower opening
• Excellent vase life
• Delicate fragrance


Viking Roses® has a new generation of unique cut roses

Viking Roses® has been developed by Rosa Eskelund, who also creates mini roses and garden roses for Roses Forever ApS. Roses Forever® and Infinity® mini roses and the Plant’n’Relax® garden roses are all known for their healthiness, bright colors and longevity. Since 2004 Rosa Eskelund has been breeding cut roses in order to develop beautiful perfumed and unique cut roses, and the range is now marketed under the name Viking Roses®.

Viking Roses® is a collaboration between Rosa and Harley Eskelund and John Pouw. Rosa, Harley and John have known each other for over 25 years and share a passion for roses and marketing. John has many years of experience with selecting and introducing cut roses for different markets.

After a series of selection rounds in Denmark, the Viking Roses® undergo outdoor testing for resistance and open air production in The Netherlands. Those that still look promising after that are planted indoors with a top Dutch grower for specific cut rose selection. From there trial material is sent to specific production areas and altitudes for further testing. Today, this strict quality and sustainability route has resulted in the commercial introduction of the spectacular Rosa Loves Me® series. The marketing is selective and gradual, following market response.

For more information, please contact:

Viking Roses®
John Pouw
M: +31 6 41686880

Viking Roses ApS
Rose Breeder
Rosa Eskelund


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